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MARIA FEODOROVNA (Russian Empress, 1847-1928, wife of Tsar Alexander III, mother of Nicholas II) and her sister ALEXANDRA (of Denmark, 1844-1925, Queen of Edward VII)]

Delightful group photo signed by both and inscribed by Queen Alexandra "With very best wishes and thanks" on the mount, showing them seated together on the deck of the Royal Yacht Victoria and Albert, surrounded by a large group of people, some in uniform and some in civilian clothes with three young children seated cross-legged at the front, 8" x 10" in mount 13" x 11" in its original frame, no place, no date

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MARY (of Teck, 1867-1953, Queen of George V)

Autograph letter signed 'Victoria Mary of Teck' to Mrs Richards thanking her "for sending me such a beautiful Xmas present, the books are lovely & I am much looking forward to reading them when this busy season is past. It was most kind of you both to think of me. I must also thank you for 2 large boxes of things for the Sea Shell Mission, as well as for the 2/6 so thoughtfully sent, the little things will gladden many a poor child's heart. I am so delighted to hear that you like my little blue vases. I thought the colour very pretty & it is so lucky you wished for some like that ...", 3 sides 8vo., with original autograph envelope, White Lodge headed paper, 27th December

Item Date:  1889
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METTERNICH (Prince Klemens, 1773-1859, Austrian Statesman, guiding force at the Congress of Vienna, 1814-1815)

Large Passport Signed 'Metternich' as Austrian Ambassador to France, in French and with visas in German, with translation, with, at the head, the fine engraved arms of Emperor Franz I, showing the double-headed eagle and, on its breast, the arms per pale of Lorraine, Austria and Bohemia, surrounded by the collar of the Golden Fleece, and on its feathers ten other crowned shields of the Habsburg dominions, at the bottom left are Metternich's arms as Count Metternich-Winneburg, engraved by Pierre Audouin "of the Vienna Academy of Arts", (1768-1822, later portrait engraver to Louis XVIII), used here "by permission of the [French] Minister of Foreign Relations [Champagny]". The passport is made out for "Madame the Countess of Sollik, native of Galicia, with Mademoiselle her Daughter, one Governess, Madame Livet wife of the Mathematics tutor, one lady's maid and one domestic servant ... travelling via Strasbourg or Mainz and Töplitz to Galicia". On the verso Metternich's signature is authenticated by Dhermany, head of the Consular Section of the Paris Foreign Office, and also signed by Joseph FOUCHÉ, (1759-1820, Napoleon's Minister of Police and Master Spy, he and Talleyrand, till recently Foreign Minister, were the two most powerful men in France after the Emperor). There follow notes of the passport's production when crossing into Germany and Bohemia, where at Töplitz the Countess planned to take the Cure, before carrying on to her native Galicia bordering modern Poland. Engraved with manuscript additions, neat collector's seal of Ray Rawlins in top right corner of Side 1, with a reproduction of Metternich's fine mezzotint portrait after Sir Thomas Lawrence (1815), showing him seated, nearly full length, three quarter face, in Ambassador's dress, no date, 8¼" x 6¾", the passport 2 sides 16¾" x 11½", Paris, 12th April a few short splits at folds but a striking document
We, Klemens Wenzel, Count von Metternich-Winneburg, Grand Cross of the Royal Order of St. Stephen, Knight of the Order of Malta, Chamberlain, Privy Counsellor in Office to His Majesty The Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary & of Bohemia, and his Ambassador to His Majesty the Emperor of the French, King of Italy;
Pray and request all those to whom it applies, to let pass safely and freely Madame the Countess of Sollik, native of Galicia, with Mademoiselle her Daughter, one Governess, Madame Livet wife of the Mathematics tutor, one lady's maid and one domestic servant
aged ... height ... hair ... eyebrows ... eyes ... nose ... mouth ... chin ... figure ... [all left blank] travelling via Strasbourg or Mainz; Töplitz; to Galicia
without offering her or allowing her to be offered any hindrance, but on the contrary all aid and assistance of which she may have need.
So trusting we have provided her with the present Passport, and have applied the stamp of our arms.
Signature of the Bearer [blank]
Done at Paris the 12th April 1808
[Signed] Metternich

By His Excellency the Secretary of the Embassy
[Signed] Floret
Good for 1 journey.

[Under Metternich's arms]
Engraved by Pierre Audouin of the Vienna Academy of Arts
Borne by permission of his Excellency the Minister of Foreign Relations

[Bottom Left]
Seen on entering by the Porte Clanelo, Strasbourg, 6th May 1808

[Side 2]
The Minister for Foreign Relations certifies as genuine the signature of His Excellency Count Metternich on the other side. Paris, 21st April 1808.
By authorization of the Minister
the head of the Consulates Section
[Signed] Dhermany

On behalf of the Minister
the head of the Passport Bureau
Signed [B...]
[Stamp] Minister of Foreign Relations

Seen according to Law
Paris, 22nd April 1808
Senator the Minister of General Police
[Signed] Fouché
[Stamp] Minster of General Police of the Empire

Seen by the Commissioner General of Police to go via Kehl into Germany.
Strasbourg, 8th May 1808.
[Signed] Fopp
[Stamp] Police, Mayor's Office, Strasbourg

[In German]
Frau Grafin v Sollik is travelling via Eger [Cheb] and Karlsbad [Karlovy Vary] to Töplitz [Teplice] to take the Cure there, and will be referred from there to the Imperial & Royal Inspector of Police of that place. Imperial & Royal Office of Commerce, Mühlbach, 15th May 1808.
[Signed] [...]

Seen for the Journey via Karlsbad to Töplitz to take the Cure. Eger, 15th May 1808.
[Signed] [...]
[Stamp] Police Office in Eger.

Seen for the abovementioned journey Karlsbad, 16th May 1808.
[Signed] Martini

Seen for the journey to Dresden. Töplitz, 18th May 1808. [Signed] Eichberg.

Exhibited on leaving for Peterswald, 23rd June 1808.
[Signed] de la Vigne

Item Date:  1808
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MEYNELL (Viola, 1885-1956, Writer, Novelist and Poet)

Autograph Letter Signed to 'Dear Sir Ronald' (STORRS ) (Sir Ronald Henry Amherst, 1881-1955, Near Eastern Expert and Governor) telling him that "so much of Francis Thompson's handwriting is in pencil, & so much of it unsigned, that a letter in ink, & with the signature, seems the best thing to send you. The article by my mother which it refers to is one called 'At Monastery Gates' which was reprinted in The Spirit of Place in 1896. It was written after she & my father had visited Francis Thompson at the monastery (Franciscan) at Pantasaph. I cannot convey to you - & you can never find out for yourself - how pleasant it is to sit next to you at luncheon. And thank you again for your book. I didn't realise it was inscribed until I opened it in the train ... to my great pleasure ...", 1 side 8vo., Greatham, Pulborough headed paper, 8th July

Item Date:  1947
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