D'ARGOUT (Antoine Maurice Apollinaire, 1782-1858, Comte d'Argout, Minister, Governor of the Banque de France, 1834-1836 and 1836-1857)

Letter signed, in French with translation, to  Jean André Louis Rolland,  (1764-1849, from 1809 Baron de l'Empire Rolland de Villarceaux), explaining that it would be "very agreeable" to offer a post to the Baron's great-nephew, M. Félix Rolland, (b. 1818), but having been obliged to take on "a great number of temporary staff following the numerous suspensions of payment after the revolution of [24th] February [1848, when Louis Philippe I abdicated]", whom he now needs to dismiss, he must "reduce the numbers of those presently in service", 2 sides 9½" x 7¾" and conjugate blank, Paris, 23rd February

In July 1830 the deputies sent d'Argout to Charles X, to try to persuade him to withdraw the hated Ordinances of St Cloud, but on his return was told by Laffitte "there is no Charles X". He joined in the early ministries under Louis Philippe I and was a favourite subject of Daumier's drawings.
Rolland was created Baron de l'Empire by Napoleon on 15 August 1809 after Wagram. He dropped the 'de Villarceaux' after the property was sold. He was Prefect of the Department of the Gard, 1810-1815, retaining his post through the first restoration, the hundred days, and the beginning of the second. D'Argout held the same post 1817-1819.

Item Date:  1849

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