GARCKE (Emile, 1856-1930, German-born Electrical Industry Pioneer, also Author, Philosopher and Beekeeper)

Typed letter signed to  George CORNWALLIS-WEST, (1874-1951, Soldier and step-father of Winston Churchill), saying his novel 'Two Wives' is "delightfully written, and the characterisations are so real as to bring to mind ... persons ... in actual life. Toinette, however is an idealisation", comparing her with Rachael in 'Hard Times', but commenting "The Pecksniffian respectability" of Dickens' day "disallowed ... your superb and natural characterising of unselfishness ... You bring out the higher justice that is enhanced in nature", not limited by "narrow conventions", he talks further of his test of "persons one meets every day" and apologises for dictating the letter, while his impressions "are fresh in my mind", 2 sides 9" x 7¾", Ditton Meads, Pinckney's Green, East Berkshire, 22bnd March

Capt. Cornwallis-West and Lady Randolph Churchill were married on 28 July 1900, much to the dismay of her sons Winston and Jack, who were nearly the same age as their stepfather. Jennie Churchill and Cornwallis-West separated in 1912 and divorced in April 1914, but continued to meet socially upon occasion. After their divorce she returned to her former name: Lady Randolph Churchill.

Item Date:  1930

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