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March 31

On This Day

On this day in 1657 the English Parliament made the "The Humble Petition and Advice" to Oliver Cromwell. It offered him the crown but Cromwell declined.
In 1889 the 300m high Eiffel Tower, built for the Exposition Universelle, was officially opened in Paris. It remained the tallest man-made structure for the next 41 years.
CROMWELL (Oliver, 1599-1658, from 1653 Lord Protector)
Part Document signed ‘Oliver P’, “given under our Privie seal”, with transcription, being the left half portion, ordering a payment out of the first moneys received “by vertue of a certaine Act made in the Parliament beg[inning the seventeenth daye of September] past in the year one thousand Six hundred fiftie & si[x entitled An Act for the preventing of the Multiplicity of Buildings] in and about the Suburbs of London and within tenn mil[es thereof ... to our] welbeloved Sr. John Wollaston Knight and Alderman ... fyve thousand pounds to our ... Generalls at Sea” and “foure thousand pounds to William Smithyer”, vellum, 1 side 9½” x 5¾”, no place, circa 1657, lacking seal and right hand half of each line but with a fine signature
EIFFEL (Gustaf, 1832-1923, engineer, designer of the Eiffel Tower)
Fine woodburytype photo by Walery, showing him, three quarter length, sitting crossed legged in a chair, with facsimile signature, accompanied by a printed biography, 16½” x 12”, no place, no date, library stamp in top left hand corner

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