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AUGUSTA CAROLINE (Princess, 1822-1916, of Cambridge, Aunt of Queen Mary, wife of Friedrich Wilhelm, 1819-1904, from 1860 Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz)

Autograph Letter Signed to 'My dear Duke', saying that she will "have great pleasure in coming to your Ball ... after dining with the Dow. Duchess of Cleveland and so will the Grd Duke ..." 2 sides 8vo., Windsor Castle headed paper, 4th July no year

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Stock No:  40890      £125

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BENNETT (Sir William Sterndale, 1816-1875, Composer and Principal of the Royal Academy of Music)

Autograph Letter Signed to Charles Leaf thanking him for "sending me the cheque for the Philharmonic Society and the Bach Society - the donation to the latter will be especially welcome - and the former cannot afford to lose any friends with all the competition going on - I had a strong wish to become one of the audience this season, but they persuaded me out of it. I have so many irons in the fire that I ... must soon alter my programme - not to cease from hard work, but to arrange it differently. I am so sorry that I have not yet been able to pay you and Mrs Leaf a visit at Norwood, but I do not despair having the pleasure ...", 3 sides 8vo., 38 Queensborough Terrace, Kensington Gardens, 23rd January lacking top left hand corner of the page without loss of text

Item Date:  1866
Stock No:  40892      £125

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BERESFORD (Admiral Lord Charles, 1846-1919, M.P. for Portsmouth, Lover of 'Darling Daisy', Frances, Countess of Warwick)

Fine signature and "Delighted" on headed paper, 1 side 8vo., Scouts Camp, Brownsea Island, Poole, no date

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Stock No:  40891      £15

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BERLIN (Irving, 1888-1990, Composer) and Sir Harry LAUDER (1870-1950, Scottish Music Hall Entertainer)

Programme for "You keep Coming Back like a Song" signed by both on the front with the words and music inside, 4 sides 4to., no place, no date, back page rather soiled and lacking the bottom right hand corner

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Stock No:  29970      £500

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BURNE-JONES (Sir Edward, 1833-1898, Pre-Raphaelite Painter)

Fine early Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent enclosing "2 letters addressed to a friend whom I had questioned about the Engraving: one from Julia is I believe from the best and most important wood engraver - and if you were desirous of being in communication with him I could send for a note of introduction. I know nothing of Mr Thomas - but I am unusually ignorant about contemporary work and my testimony is of no value at all against a man, but of some use for him. The terms seem everywhere small - but they appear systematised. Any further difficulty you may have I shall be happy to explain if I can ...", 1 side 8vo., no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1893
Stock No:  39653      £575

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