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BARRIE (Sir James M., 1860-1937, Novelist & Dramatist, Writer of ‘Peter Pan’)

Exceptional Autograph letter signed, to Sir Edwin LUTYENS (1869-1944, Architect, probably best known for designing the Cenotaph) saying that “the ‘cenotaph’ crows in beauty as one steals down alone o’nights to look at it, which becomes my habit, I stand cogitating why and how it is so noble a thing. It is how the war has moved you and lifted you above yourself. I think it was Milton who described poetry as ‘thoughts that voluntarily move harmonious numbers’. This is a harmonious number and I feel proud of it and you..”, 2 sides 8vo., 2 Robert Street, Adelphi, WC2, 6th August

Item Date:  1919
Stock No:  41786      £1475

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CAMPBELL (Sir Malcolm, 1885-1949, Holder of World Land & Sea Speed Records)

Excellent Long Typed Letter Signed marked ‘Private and Confidential’ to Major R. O. Skeggs at Vickers, referring to their “correspondence concerning the Napier Lion car which we are now building. I note that you state the question of the Napier Lion is a very unpopular topic there with some of your people, and should be very greatly obliged if you would let me know why... As far as I know I have done nothing whatever to upset your people. In fact, I went out of my way to place an order with your people for a chassis frame for the 1½-litre on cost basis, solely due to the fact that I appreciated what they had done for me... I rather gathered recently that I was not at all popular with your firm from what Mr Maina has told me... but I could not for the life of me understand why I had upset your people, as I always make a point of never doing this. It is most unfortunate that the frame needs alteration, but this is solely due to lack of foresight on Mr Villier’s part. I am spending so much money on this car, and I am so determined to have the thing right that it is a great pity the proposition which I put forward recently to your Directors will not meet with approval...” continuing that he is “definitely determined, if it is humanly possible, to achieve a speed of three miles a minute or more, and I shall not drop my resolve until I have achieved this, or unless I find that the proposition is impossible. I fully appreciate all you have done in the matter, and I therefore await definitely to hear from your Directors concerning this matter...” with an autograph note by the recipient “Ref. to shareholder meeting the financial posit. Financial risk unpop. He popular...”, 2 sides A4 with fine heading including a picture of the Blue Bird and matching envelope, 42/43 Sussex Place, South Kensington, 7th December

Item Date:  1925
Stock No:  41808      £475

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[CHAPLIN (Charles, 1889-1977, Comedian)]

Fine unsigned original photo with a facsimile signature and the word ‘Faithfully’ showing him head and shoulders looking serious, 6” x 4”, no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1920
Stock No:  41828      £150

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COATES (Eric, 1886-1957, Composer)

Fine autograph musical quotation signed and dated, titled “A Dinder Courtship”, with 3 bars of music with the instruction “Allegretto” at the beginning and “Marcato” at the end, and “Sincerely yours” with his signature, 1 side album leaf, 6” x 5”, 5yh September

Item Date:  1913
Stock No:  41814      £225

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COBHAM (Sir Alan J., 1894-1973, Aviator)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed in full to Sir George ROBEY (1869-1954, Music Hall Comedian) telling. him that he has “received the cheque for £100 that you asked Mr Morgan to forward to me. I hardly know how to thank you for so great a kindness. After all that you had done, in entering the aeroplane for the Kings Cup, it was a kindness that I had never anticipated, & I thank you not only for the cheque, but your absolute true sportsmanship. I have just returned from Gothenburg in Sweden, where there has been a great International Flying exhibition & contests. I was successful in winning the traffic aeroplane contest, running between Gothenburg and Copenhagen for 5 days carrying the greatest load at teh fastest speed with the lowest fuel consumption. The prize was 15,000 crowns & a Gold Cup presented by the Crown Prince of Sweden. Incidentally, I took the Crown Prince’s two sons on their first flight accompanied by Sir Samuel Hoare & Admiral Mark Kerr. I did all this with the new type DH50 machine. In Sweden, in fact everywhere of late, I find that I am generally known to people as ‘Sir George Robey’s Pilot’ so I feel sure that the Kings Cup event ‘sunk in’. I hope it will not be the last time I shall be in your service...”, 2 sides 4to., 67a Golder’s Green Road, NW11 but on Stage Lane Aerodrome headed paper, 21st August

Item Date:  1923
Stock No:  41813      £325

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