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ALEXANDRA (of Denmark, 1844-1925, Queen of Edward VII)

Excellent Coronation photo by W & D signed and dated showing her three quarters length in her coronation robes and crown, standing in semi profile with her arms on the back of a chair, 8" x 6" in mount 14½" x 10½", no place but Westminster Abbey, 9th August

Item Date:  1902
Stock No:  39644      £575

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ANNE (b. 1950, Princess Royal, Daughter of Elizabeth II)

Fine coloured photo signed and dated on the mount showing her head and shoulders turning to face the camera, wearing a beaded stole and a diamond tiara, 7" x 5" in mount 15" x 10", no place

Item Date:  1981
Stock No:  39645      £325

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AUDEN (W. H., 1907-1973, British born American Poet)

Fine Typed Letter Signed to Mr Anmer Hall (the Owner of the Westminster Theatre) explaining that "owing to recent events I quite understand that the Ostnia palace scene, as it stands, might give offence, which was - of course - certainly not intended. At the same time I feel very strongly that the complete omission of the scene would seriously upset the balance of the whole play. What I should like to do ... is to turn the whole scene into an Eastern scene, something after the style of the Arabian Nights. For example, the two chief characters would be a Sultan and a Sultana. I enclose a complete list of cuts and alterations. I hope very much that you will agree with me about the possibility of acting the scene in this manner ..." and thanking him "on behalf of both myself and Mr Isherwood for all the patience and forbearance you have shown over this play ...", 1 side 4to., Westminster Theatre headed paper, 30th January

Item Date:  1936
Stock No:  39629      £475

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AUSTIN (Henry Wilfred., 'Bunny', 1906-2000, English tennis player)

Fine Action Photo by the Photographic News Archives of Fleet Street, signed and dated showing him full length on the court at Wimbledon in the middle of his serve with a look of intense concentration on his face, 10" x 8", no place but Wimbledon,

Item Date:  1933
Stock No:  39650      £225

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AUSTIN (Alfred, 1835-1913, Poet Laureate)

Fine postcard photo by the Rotary Photo Co., signed showing him head and shoulders, with a fine white moustache, addressed on the verso in another hand to Mrs Hartley Smith, 5½" x 3½", no place, no date, postmarked 13th September

Item Date:  1906
Stock No:  39613      £100

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