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ANDERSON (Elizabeth Garrett, 1836-1917, One of the first Women Doctors)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to "Dear Madam" telling her that there has been a suggestion that "some members of the Ealing Branch might like to attend the meeting on Dec 4th. You will probably know who these ladies are & if it is not troubling you unduly we wd. ask you to send the enclosed notices to them. The spirit of the meeting is not one of hostility to the N.U. or the country but its object is simply to enable the members who disagree with the by election policy to decide whether they shd. resign or stay on & try & influence the opinion of the majority on this point ...", 2 sides 8vo., 114a Harley Street, 26th November

Item Date:  1909
Stock No:  40183      £275

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BETJEMAN (Sir John, 1906-1982, Poet Laureate)

Typed Letter Signed "John B" in his by now shaky hand, to "My dear Gretel" and inscribed "love to you both", thanking her for a "most delicious lunch in the happy company we had. I cannot thank you enough. In fact the whole thing is like a dream of paradise and time standing still. I am so glad the dear old Corpus Aesthete is in such good form. Wherever we went in Essex in the car afterwards looked like a John Aldridge. He is a lovely artist and his Essex landscapes stay in the mind of all who love that too little regarded county. Of course where you are is the best part of it, though I would still like to end my days in Southend ...", 1 side oblong 4to., 29 Radnor Walk headed paper, 27th July

Item Date:  1977
Stock No:  40184      £175

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Fine Menu printed in Gold and Red for the lunch for a "Morning Fete given by the Directors & Shareholders of the Crystal Palace Company to the Representatives of Foreign Governments and other Distinguished Guests", the magnificent banquet includes fine fish courses with Turbot and Sole, followed by every sort of meat dish and lobsters, garnished with truffles and other luxuries, followed by a huge selection of desserts, the menu is decorated with a lace border with flowers, in remarkable condition, 10" x 8", Crystal Palace, 17th June

Item Date:  1854
Stock No:  40210      £375

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DAVY (Sir Humphry, 1778-1829, Chemist, Inventor of the Miner's safety lamp)

Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Scott in Tweedside, saying that her letter was waiting for him on his return to Edinburgh explaining that he "did not leave Ireland till the last week in August & since I have been in Scotland, I have been staying at Buchanan House & not expecting any letters at Edinburgh I gave no directions respecting any that might arrive there ...", thanking her and her husband for the "kind invitation to Morton. I am now called South by some engagements & I have a very short time only to stay in Scotland; but I hope I shall be able to spend one or two of the few days which remain at my disposal on the banks of the Tweed ...", hoping to call on Mrs Scott on Sunday or Monday to pay his respects and spend a day "in your hospitable mansion if I find you disengaged ...", 2 sides 4to., with integral autograph address leaf with seal, Edinburgh, 11th September

Item Date:  1823
Stock No:  40180      £1250

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DAVY (Sir Humphry, 1778-1829, Chemist, Inventor of the Miner's safety lamp)

Autograph Note in the Third Person saying that "Sir H. Davy will do himself the honour of dining with Mr & Mrs Hamilton on Wednesday next ...", 1 side postcard, no place, no date, traces of mounting on the verso

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  40179      £150

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