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AIRY (Sir George Biddell, 1801-1892, Astronomer Royal 1835-1881)

Autograph envelope signed to J.Winter Jones with quotation "Introducing W.W.Airy"

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AIRY (Sir George B. 1801-1892, Astronomer Royal)

Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent telling him that "The approximate rectification of the circumference of the circle, which you have sent to me, will not ... be of any use and does not possess any value whatever ...", 1 side 8vo., Royal Observatory, Greenwich headed paper, 26th February

Item Date:  1857
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AIRY (Sir George Biddell, 1801-1892, Astronomer Royal 1836-1881)

Autograph Letter Signed to Leone Levi, 1821-1888, Italian-born merchant at Liverpool, writer on mercantile law and history, 1st Professor of Commerce at King's College London, saying he has "not seen any Report of the Conference" and requesting "two copies of the no. of the Journal of Society of Arts to which you refer", 1 side 8vo., Royal Observatory, Greenwich, 27th May

Item Date:  1870
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ANDERSON (Elizabeth Garrett, 1836-1917, One of the first Women Doctors)

Signature in full "Mrs Garrett Anderson" on a piece of card, 4" x ½", no place, no date

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ANDRADE (Edward Neville da Costa, 1887-1971, F.R.S., British Physicist)

Typed Letter Signed to Robin Fry, saying "a friend in the Chemistry Department here has found a signature of Sir William Ramsay" and sending also one of Sir Charles Sherrington, 1 side 8vo., University College London, 1st June small hole in centre not affecting the text

Item Date:  1948
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