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[ÉLISABETH (1901-1950, 5th daughter of Guillaume IV of Luxembourg, wife, 1922, of Prince Ludwig Philipp of Thurn & Taxis, 1901-1933) and her sister SOPHIE (1902-1941, 6th daughter of Guillaume IV, and 1st wife, 1921, of Prince Ernst Heinrich of Saxony, 1896-1941)]

Cheerful unsigned Portrait Postcard Photograph, by Ch. Grieser of Luxembourg, showing them full length on the steps of their home, Princess Élisabeth in profile sitting near the bottom with her black puppy, Princess Sophie standing higher up with hers, both in white dresses, long hair and a white bow on top, 5½" x 3½", Schloss Colmar-Berg, no date, circa short crease in dark background at top of image

Item Date:  1912
Stock No:  54845      £60

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[EAST (William Giles, Royal Bargemaster) and the KING'S WATERMEN]

Press photo by London News Agency, unsigned, showing him and the eight watermen, seated or standing, full face, he in a white suit, they in white jerseys and boaters, they are named on the 'flimsy' on the verso, 6½" x 8½", Henley, July

Item Date:  1912
Stock No:  52622      £65

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[EAST (William Giles, Royal Bargemaster)]

Press photo by Newspaper Illustrations Ltd, unsigned, showing him seated, three quarter face, at the tiller of the barge, built for William III in 1690, with its beautifully carved and gilded stern and its ornate canopy, 8" x 10", Henley, July tiny defect and one short closed tear in top left background corner

Item Date:  1912
Stock No:  52621      £65

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EDWARD (George Nicholas, b. 1935, 2nd Duke of Kent, A.D.C. to the Queen) and KATHARINE (b. 1935, his wife)

Fine Christmas Card Black and White Photograph, signed 'Edward' and 'Katharine' on the facing side, showing thee family all full or nearly full face, the Duke and Duchess are sitting or standing by or on a low wall in their garden, with their children GEORGE (b. 1962, Earl of St Andrews), HELEN (b. 1964) and NICHOLAS (b. 1970) in informal summer clothes, crowned mirror images 'EK' on the front, 4 sides 7" x 6" folded, no place, no date, the photo circa

Item Date:  1984
Stock No:  56721      £75

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EDWARD (Prince, born 1964, Earl of Wessex, youngest son of Elizabeth II and Prince Philip)

Typed Letter signed to Ronald Barlow saying that there can be "no doubt that the 21st Birthday Dance which the Queen gave at the end of Ascot Week was a very successful and happy occasion. We have received countless letters of thanks and appreciation .... On behalf of Lady Sarah, Lady Helen, James Ogilvy and myself, may i ask you to accept our very special thanks and appreciation for all your hard work ...", 1 side 4to., Buckingham Palace headed paper, 13th July

Item Date:  1985
Stock No:  39699      £175

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