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PAGET (Henry, d. 1743, M.P., Captain of the Yeomen of the Guard, 1711-1715, from 1711 Baron Burton, from 1714 1st Earl of Uxbridge)

Signature on a fragment as Lord of the Treasury, n.d., but 1710 - laid down, trimmed just touching flourish

Item Date:  1711
Stock No:  51657      £15

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PALGRAVE (Sir Robert Harry Inglis, 1827-1919, Political Economist)

Typed Letter Signed to 'Dear Sir', saying he will send registered "the Banking Almanac for 1845, (the first of the series), 1849, and 1851", but asking for their return "in due time", 1 side 8vo., Great Belton, Yarmouth, 10th October

Item Date:  1900
Stock No:  18671      £15

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PALMER (Roundell, Earl of Selbourne, 1812-1895, Lord Chancellor 1872-1874 and 1880-1885)

Autograph Letter Signed to Lord Nelson, expressing his regret at "the embarassed state of the Harrow Weald College, of which I was not before aware, though I had, from the very beginning, my fears that the system on which the undertaking was commenced would lead to such a state of things ...", but saying that he arranges his expenditure for this sort of thing so it does not "leave any margin for unexpected demands ...", but if he has "any surplus fund at my disposal next year, I will consider it bespoken for this object ...", 4 sides 8vo., Lincoln's Inn, 7th December

Item Date:  1852
Stock No:  3304      £35

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PALMER (Roundell, Earl of Selbourne, 1812-1895, Lord Chancellor 1872-1874 and 1880-1885)

'A Defence of the Church of England' signed 'Selbourne' 8vo., Macmillan,

Item Date:  1887
Stock No:  20612      £35

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PALMERSTON (Henry John Temple, 1784-1865, Foreign Secretary and Prime Minister, from 1802 3rd Viscount)

Autograph address panel signed to the 8th Earl of Clarendon at the Foreign Office, (George William Frederick Villiers, 1800-1870, 8th Earl, Foreign Secretary), n.d., c.

Item Date:  1855
Stock No:  13058      £25

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