[FAILLY (Pierre Louis Charles Achille, 1810-1892, French General, Comte de)]

Report in French with translation, by the General, unsigned, probably in an ADC's hand, stating that "This march with fixed bayonets ... cost us only two wounded, and produced such an impression on the Garibaldians that they retired in a compact mass. The three companies of the right were deployed and straightway fired at will ... on the Garibaldians massed in disorder on the highway that goes up to Monte Rotondo", N.E. of Rome, "The papal army, responsible for the main attack, suffered more considerable losses", by comparison "those of the Garibaldians are enormous ... The number of dead recovered from the field of battle exceeds 600, with wounded in proportion, and the number of prisoners comes to 1600", 2 sides 4to., no place, 8th November trace of tipping in on left margin of verso

In 1867, Napoleon III tried to withdraw the French troops protecting Papal Rom. However, when Garibaldi raised a force of volunteers to unite the city forcibly to Italy, and advenace, they hastily has to return and defeated him at Monte Rotondo. When the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 enforced their final withdrawal, the Italian army captured the city and completed the Unification with ease.

Item Date:  1867

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