GATTINGER (Augustin, M.D., 1825-1903, Author of 'The Flora of Tennessee', 1901)

Autograph Letter Signed to  Robert Morton MIDDLETON , jr., F.L.S., F.Z.S., (1846-1909, English shipbroker and botanist), saying he is "always happy to hear from you ... Your Scutellaria is surely serrata stands very close bicolor but can't quite come it", with a list of plants to look out for, "I hope you will enrich the flora of Tennessee by a lot good finds this season", 1 side 8vo., Nashville, Tennessee, 30th May

Gattinger was born in Munich, Germany, and practised medicine in Nashville. In December 1888 he sold his herbarium to the University at Knoxville. Middleton was employed at one time by the Hartlepools Shipowners' Society. About 1886 he and his wife settled in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, at the foot of the Cumberland Mountains. He corresponded with many leading naturalists, collected autographs, and presented a herbarium of some 3000 American and other specimens to McGill University in December 1890, returning permanently to England in 1892. With his wife and sister he spent 1904-1907 as a missionary in Chile. Again returning, he took a house in Kew and was a Temporary Assistant at the Natural History Museum till 1909.

Item Date:  1892

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