ALESSANDRI PALMA (Arturo, 1868-1950, President of Chile 1920-1925 and 1932-1938)

Fine Manuscript Letter in Spanish with translation, signed, addressed to  GEORGE II  King of Greece, (1890-1947, reigned 1922-1924 and 1935-1947), his "Great and Good Friend, Wishing to extend and strengthen on every occasion the cordial ties of friendship which happily exist between Chile and Greece, I have resolved to accredit to Your Majesty's Government, as Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentary, Señor Don Oscar Garcés Silva ... I ask You to place entire confidence in all he will say in the name of the Government of Chile, most particularly when he intimates to Your Majesty the good wishes I form for Your Majesty's said person and for the prosperity of the Kingdom of Greece", gilt embossed arms of Chile at head, 2 sides folio, conjugate blank and original envelope with embossed wafer seal, Palace of the Mint, Santiago, 23rd December

Item Date:  1935

Stock No:  14245      £125



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