CAPPER (Alfred Octavius, d. 1921, Experimenter in Thought Reading)

Group of 9 Autograph Letters Signed, to his Solicitor Mr. Pearce, about foregoing his reversionary interest in the late Mrs. E.D. Chick's estate, Capper's brother George is in difficulties, having borrowed £383 6s 8d in February 1901 from Capper and being in debt to their uncle G.Y. Mercer, "My uncle in his letter says 'I have very reluctantly agreed to the proposal made by Pearce for a settlement for I hate the idea of your having to bear in any way the consequences of George's misdeeds' " (20th May 1901), "After seeing you on Thursday I paid a special visit to Clacton-on-Sea" to his sister's but "her financial position" prevents her helping "over this deplorable matter" (1st June 1901), "Nothing will give me greater pleasure than to hear - that with your invaluable help that he will be able to come to terms with Driver & Co ... It may induce other friends to help, if I agree to waive my claim to £250 out of the £383 I have already advanced George" (12th June 1901), with a document for Capper to sign agreeing to the transfer of George's share to Mr Mercer and Mr. T.J. Wall (6th August 1901), in all 18 sides 8vo. and 1 side folio, The Sports Club St. James's Square, Princeton Vicarage Devonshire, Palace Hotel Grantown-on-Spey, Star Hotel Montrose, and Constitutional Club Windsor, 20th April - 23rd August and one undated,

Capper personally experimented in thought reading with Edward VII, George V, the Duke of Clarence and Sarah Bernhardt. He gave £60,000 to charitable institutions and in 1912 travelled 50,000 miles throughout India, Burma, Malaya and Ceylon.

Item Date:  1901

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