THE WAR OF 1898 ADAMS (Herbert Baxter, 1850-1901, first Professor of History at Johns Hopkins)

Autograph Letter Signed to 'My dear Ashworth', thanking him for Gladstone's 'Academic Sketch', and sending his photograph and his 'Public Speaking', with "some newspaper cuttings which will show you how the Spanish fleet was smashed in a running race. I was told, before the war, by a naval officer that we had the guns and the gunners. Schley & Dewey did up the Dons in quick time didn't they? The Army has been horribly mismanaged by the Government, but the soldiers got Santiago all the same. The fever is catching our poor fellows now ... it is a good move to pack off the Spanish army in their own merchantmen to Spain ... better than ... any invasion or further shelling of towns", 4 sides 8vo., Amherst, Mass., 30th July

Adams, fresh from Heidelberg with a Ph.D., was appointed fellow and lecturer at Johns Hopkins when the university opened in 1876. He saw the American constitution as a natural growth from the self-governing township, inherited from England and, further back, from Germany. He built up the department from scratch, began the Johns Hopkins series of monographs on Historical and Political Science, and was Secretary of the American Historical Association.
Admiral George Dewey, 1837-1917, destroyed the Spanish Asiatic Fleet in Manila Bay on 1st May 1898. Rear-Admiral W.S. Schley, 1839-1911, destroyed the fleet in Santiago Bay, Cuba, on 3rd July, but had to face an inquiry in 1901 for his conduct, to which Dewey contributed his testimony.

Item Date:  1898

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