FARJEON (Joseph Jefferson, 1883-1955, Detective Novelist and Playwright)

Autograph picture postcard signed to Eileen Cond, thanking her for her letter with "apologies from Mr. Swift", his pen-name Anthony Swift, "for keeping you awake at nights!", he mentions two titles under his own name, and adds "Yes, 'Gallops' [his play] is a lovely place - we know it well. Winter is still awful!", with on the verso a coloured picture by John Nash of 'Aylesbury Plain', there is a printed quotation from King George VI '... Help to make the world a better place and life a worthier thing' above the space for correspondence, Ditchling, Sussex, 7th February

Farjeon was an editor for Amalgamated Press, 1910-1920, and, besides his books, contributed to many journals, including 'Punch' as 'Smith Minor'. The winter of 1947 was very severe, made worse by the coal shortage.

Item Date:  1947

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