O'CONNOR (Thomas Power, 1848-1929, M.P., Journalist and Irish Nationalist)

Letter written and signed 'pp JHK' on his behalf, to J.A. Manson, at La Belle Sauvage Yard, Ludgate Hill, E.C., saying "Unfortunately we have too many people of our own with strong claims to take up Mr Ghose - I am sure he will before very long get in for an English Constituency as his ability is undoubted", he congratulates him "on the letter which you published to [John] Bright", the radical statesman, 1811-1889, "The speech you found was most important & has produced an enormous effect throughout the country", 2 sides 8vo, 38 Grosvenor Road, Westminster, S.W., 16th August

O'Connor, 'T.P.', was in 1888 the first editor of 'The Star', and in 1893 founded 'The Sun'. He was a devoted supporter of Gladstone, rarely spending a day without thinking about him, as he wrote to Mary Gladstone after the funeral in 1894. In 1916 he became head of the British Board of Film Censors.
James Alexander Manson wrote 'The Irish Crisis, A Short Speech against Coercion', 1881, conducted the 'literary page' of the 'Daily Chronicle' in 1891, and was also the editor of Burns' Poems, 1896.

Item Date:  1886

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