ORFORD (Harriet Bettina Frances, née Pellew, d. 1886, from 1841 wife of the 4th Earl of Orford)

Autograph Letter Signed to Lady Castletown, (1811-1889, wife of the 1st Baron), telling her that "These days tire me so I have not been able to try & find you visible as I much wished - my foot too is by no means lively after the '7 chiese' [churches] - of yesterday: I heard from Lady Ely yesterday in London ... she says Ignatieff's visit made a great sensation ... & people fear war [between Russia and Turkey] must come eventually towards spring ?? - !!!!! (next spring I hope??)" and that "poor Lady Caroline Lascelles has lost her son ... found dead in his bed from apoplexy. - [the new] Lady Walsingham was to have been married at Broadlands ... but it seems the clergyman there wld. not marry a divorced woman as many Protestant clergymen refuse to do (& the law cannot force them ...) so she was married at Trinity Church - Chelsea", she sends "a little book ... by Mrs. Aug. Craven (Pauline de la Ferronaye) the life of an aunt of my son in law's (his mother is 'née' Minutolo) this poor woman wld. have been canonized in other days", it is written "in charming French; she was very kind to my Daughter when she married", 4 sides 8vo black-edged, no place. [Florence], 30th March n.y., but

Lady Orford spent her last 40 years at Florence. The aunt was Princess Adelaida Capece Minutolo (3rd edition of her life by Pauline Craven, 1869).

Item Date:  1877

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