KEEPING A BENEFICE IN THE FAMILY ANSALDI (Ansaldo, 1651-1719, judge and from 1717 Dean of the Court of the Sacred Rota, Chaplain to Pope Clement XI)

Document, in Latin with English summary, addressed to the Cardinal Papal Legate (Governor) of Bologna, and his deputy, also to the Cardinal Archbishop of Bologna and his Vicar General, to an immense list of types of official that are to take notice, and to defendants the Counts Catelano and Prosper Filippo Castelli reciting his commission to hear their appeal, but confirming now the previous judgment in favour of Counts Antonio Galeazzo Castelli and Bartolomeo and Baldassare Castelli for possession of the united benefices of SS. Maria and Luca of Castelli, plus the plaintiff's costs of 81 scudi and 6½ for the present document, with power to distrain on the possessions of the defendants if not paid. Subscribed by Soccorso de Amicis, Notary of the Sacred Rota, with his metal-stamp device and motto, small judge's wafer seal, vellum, 16½" x 7¾", Court of the Sacred Rota, Quirinal Palace, Rome, 7th July

Item Date:  1713

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