ARESE (Giulio, of Milan, President of the Benedictine Congregation of Monte Cassino)

Document addressed to Cesare Cajetano Marenai and his family, in Latin with translation, and signed by Carlo di Perugia, secretary of the Congregation's General Chapter, enrolling them as benefactors of the Order, and especially of the Monastery of S. Niccoló at Busseto (south of Cremona), with a consequent share in the merits of the whole Order's spiritual exercises, vellum, 1 side 10½" x 16½", Monastery of St. Benedict, San Benedetto in Polirone (the middle Po valley, SE of Mantua), 18th May

Including Marenai's named sons, daughter-in-law and grandchildren, and those of his family "born and to be born".
For an illustrated history of the great monastery at San Benedetto Po, which goes back to 1003, see Roselino Bellodi, 1905. It was built in very marshy ground and had recently suffered badly from flooding, the Po being above the level of the plain from Piacenza eastwards.

Item Date:  1726

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