MACKENZIE (Anne, sister of Charles Frederick, 1825-1861, Missionary Bishop)

Autograph Letter Signed to Miss Vernon, listing the books she had sent her, and noting the ones returned, the one she "cared for most" was "a bound copy of the 1st & 2nd series of Seeing & Hearing", her last, "I hope it is not lost. If it is I will freely forgive you, only I shall be sorry", she thanks her for mentioning her to Miss Birley and asks her address, SPCK are bringing out "a very nice little book of Sunday School stories of Mission work" which a friend has read in proof "to her scholars and it was successful", 4 sides 8vo., Woodfield, Havant, 11th January

Anne went out with her brother, who was Archdeacon of Pieter Maritzburg, 1854-1859, under Colenso, 1st Bishop of Natal. In 1857 she published at Edinburgh "Seeing and Hearing, or First Impressions in Natal by A.M.", and in 1860 a "Second Series, or Three Years' Experience in Natal", with a preface by her brother. That year he was consecrated "Bishop to the Tribes in the Neighbourhood of Lake Nyassa and River Shiré", discovered by Livingstone in 1859, but died the following year. See "An Elder Sister: A Short Sketch of Anne Mackenzie", 1878, by her sister Frances Awdry.
The present letter confirms the identity of 'A.M.'.

Item Date:  1871

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