GABILLART (or GABILLARD, André, tailor, feudal tenant of the Seigneur of Hac, Brittany)

Notarial Document, in French with transcription and translation, signed for him by Gille Gabillart, affirming the terms of his tenure at Le (Haut) Mauny, in the parish and grand bailiwick of Le Quiou (south of Dinan), drawn up by notary P. Regnault on 21st January 1689 and admitted by the Seigneurial Court of Hac and Carmeroc (registrar Ch. le Forestier and notaries J. Caharel and Pougnant) sitting at Tréfumel, revenue stamp of Brittany, 2 sides folio, 4th February

Signed also by the notaries and registrar.
The hereditaments include a small (22 feet) range of dwellings and two pieces of land each measuring '1 seillon 3 ras' (a seillon or sillon = 20 perches, say 600 square yards), after division with his brother Louis in 1680, on payment of 18 deniers on St Giles' day and at Christmas "on conveying to the Château de Hac in wheat by Bécherel measure 1 goblet (sic, 'godet') and a half and a third", he has also purchased La Maire Jouan of 8 seillons 3 ras from the late Roult Beaumanoir, held free of tax to the bailiwick provided he grinds his corn at the Hac mills and gives his lord all fruits and crops, in return he is 'sergeant of the said great bailiwick'.
Gabillart's overlord is "René de Lobriac (Lopriac), Knight, Lord Baron of Coëtmadeuc, Marquis of Assérac, Viscount of Donges Hac & Carmeroc", however his relative Jean-Gustave de Rieux (the bibliophile, c. 1650- 1713) was the acknowledged Marquis of Assérac at this time.
The 14th century Château de Hac is a fine Breton castle, scarcely altered today. The Château de Beaumanoir, begun in the 15th century, is known as the 'Breton Versailles' from its great gardens, and the town of Bécherel (famous now for its antiquarian booksellers) retains its old aspect.

Item Date:  1689

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