LIND (Jenny (Goldschmidt), 1820-1887, Singer, 'The Swedish Nightingale')

Autograph Letter Signed ("Jenny Goldschmidt") to Mrs Holland thanking her effusively for her kind letter which she doesn't know how she has deserved but "as we say in Sweden - Good - tastes Good! If you will let my wild children dine and play with yours ... I will feel very thankful ... but I cannot answer for their conduct ... they are however great treasures to us and very affectionate although I speak so bad of them ... I was delighted with Rugby and Dr Temple, he seems to me to be the most joyous of all the boys! and that I consider a very important quality in a headmaster ...", and she has put in a postscript "Wild - not Mild!!", 4 sides 8vo., Stamford, 31st March no year.,

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