PAULET (Lord William, 1804-1893, Field Marshall)

Autograph Letter Signed to General Johnson, Military Secretaray at the India Office, saying he has "received the enclosed letter from Captain Forrest ... who had been Chief Constable of Hampshire for some years, and as he used to be a great deal with my Brother, when Lord Lieutenant of that County, I saw a great deal of him, and he bears a very high Character for Efficiency in the County ... "asking him to help further "his wishes, and that of his Daughter you would gratify him and me ..." he says he has not seen his brother "Sir Edwin for some time, for I have him in the sick report lately ...", 2 sides 8vo., on crested paper, 18 St James's Square, 26th December framed and glazed

As a Brevet Colonel he served in the Crimean War as Assistant Adjutant Genera of the Cavalry Division under Lord Lucan. After seeing the Light Cavalry massacred in front of him Lord Lucan turned to Paulet and said "They have sacrificed the Light Brigade, they shall not have the Heavy if I can help it", He later commanded the Light Division after the fall of Sebastopol.

Item Date:  1887

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