HAGGARD (Sir H. Rider, 1856-1925, Novelist, Author of 'King Solomon's Mines')

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to  St John HANKIN  (1869-1909, Playwright) saying that he is "glad you think it interesting. I don't see why one should not get some post of the sort - if only the backing is forthcoming ... I depends enormously on the Press. If the Press will really take it up as I see the Daily Mail has done - perhaps something will happen ..." with a postscript "All the objections made - that I have seen - on behalf of the Railways &c. can be answered ...", 2 sides 8vo., on integral leaves with inner pages blank, on headed paper with his hieroglyph monogram Ditchingham House crossed out and 16 Cork Street written in by hand, no date,

Item Date:  1891

Stock No:  30072     



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