TYNDALL (John, 1820-1893, Scientist)

Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent regretting that his reply has been "delayed longer than I intended it should be ... If you could give me some information as to the projectors and promoters of the Franklin Society which would justify me in connecting my name with it, I should very willingly comply ...", 2 sides 8vo., Royal Institution headed paper, 2nd November

Possibly the society named in 1876 by Thomas B. Stockwell in his 'History of Public Education in Rhode Island: From 1636 to 1876', (1876). "[The Franklin Society] is believed to have been the first society organization in this city [Providence] to institute a course of popular lectures for the public entertainment and instruction. Through its lectures it has introduced to the citizens some of the most noted scientists of the world". In 1883 the society published a 'Report on the Geology of Rhode Island'.

Item Date:  1881

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