YEATS (William Butler, 1865-1939, Irish Poet & Dramatist)

Excellent Autograph letter to to Mrs Reilly, wife of Sir Charles Herbert Reilly, (1874-1948, architect and teacher, Head of the Liverpool School of Architecture) telling her that "Mrs Reynolds has written to me about the fur rug & I have asked her to send it to me here, unless you have sent for it … I hoped to be able to come by Liverpool but it proved to be impossible … I hate fastening up a parcel and any kind of a rug must be harder than most parcels …", 1 side 8vo., Nassau Hotel, Dublin altered from Coole Park, Co Galway headed paper, 18th November no year

Yeats' biographies speak of a 'fur rug' on his bed, so perhaps this is the one referred to here and he travelled with it.

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