ANGLESEY (Henry William Paget, 1768-1854, M.P., Field Marshal, from 1815 1st Marquess)

Autograph envelope front signed addressed to Captain Griffiths at the Royal Artillery in Ringwood, dated in another hand

Lord Anglesey in 1790 raised the 80th Foot or Staffordshire Volunteers from his father's tenantry. By 1801 he was Colonel of the 7th Light Dragoons, a post he held till 1842, when he became Colonel of the Royal Horseguards. He commanded the cavalry at Corunna under Sir John Moore. At Waterloo the Marquis, then Lord Uxbridge, commanded the Anglo-Belgian cavalry, contributing to the victory but losing his right leg. In a garden near the church at Waterloo there is a monument to his leg which is buried there. He was Lord High Steward at the Coronation of George IV in 1821, and twice Lord Lieutenant of Ireland between 1828 and 1833. He was made Field Marshal in 1846 and at the time of his death was the only Field Marshal outside the royal family.

Item Date:  1847

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