QUEEN HENRIETTA MARIA'S JOINTURE ALBEMARLE (Sir George Monk, 1608-1670, Restorer of Charles II, 1st Duke) and Anthony ASHLEY COOPER (1st Baron Ashley & Earl Shaftesbury, 1621-1683, Lord Chancellor & President of the Council)

Order to the Treasury signed 'Albemarle' and 'Ashley', as Lords of the Treasury, with transcription, to pay "by vertue of his Maiesties Lettres Patents under the Greate Seale of England dated the xxvth day of December 1660", out of the "Duty of Firehearths unto Sir Henry Wood", (1597-1671, 1st Baronet), from 1644 "Treasurer and Receiver Generall to his Maiesties Dearest Mother the Queene", HENRIETTA MARIA (1609-1669, wife of Charles I), "Three hundred Fifty Nine Pounds upon the summe of Two thousand pounds by the yeere Graunted ... in Lieu and recompence of Custodies, Wardshipps, and Mariages ... within her Maiesties Joynture ... Due for one whole Yeere" ended 25th March 1668, signed also by Sir Henry Wood, 12th December 1668, assigning it to Sir Thomas Bond, (circa 1620-1685, the Queen Mother's Comptroller, 1st Baronet, he developed Bond Street in London), and by Sir Thomas Bond, 13th December 1668, assigning it to Edward Backwell (circa 1619-1683, Goldsmith, Banker and Royal Financier), with further the note of Registration signed by Sir Robert Long (circa 1602-1673, Auditor of the Lower Exchequer, 1st Baronet), 2 sides large folio, with short title and registration note on conjugate leaf, 17th July a few small wormholes in blank margins, others tiny and almost invisible (a few being in the text), blank bottom right corner and ends of former folds expertly restored

An early example of the fiscal arrangements introduced in 1665 by Sir George Downing (1623-1684, 1st Baronet, developer of Downing Street), based on his experience in Holland.
In England tax collection was always lagging behind, so Downing made such Orders as these assignable "for value received", no doubt at a substantial discount, here to Edward Backwell, one of the greatest financiers of his age, and whose accounts for many years have survived.
Downing also insisted that "lenders yesterday" should be paid before "lenders tomorrow", that is "in course". Hence the "registration", so that Backwell would only receive his money after some "321220 l. 19s. 4d." had already been paid out of the Hearth Tax.

Item Date:  1668

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