BIDDULPH (Margaret Howard, 1880-1970, wife of Hon Claud William Biddulph, Builder of Rodmarton Manor)

Autograph Letter signed to Mrs Wood thanking her for having "treated my requst so sympathetically & to have arranged the matter with Gloucester so promptly. Thank you ... also for saying you will look in at the class. ... I should be glad to pay Mr Moore's fee if he were able to come ...", 1 side 4to., Rodmarton headed paper, 21st December

Claude and Margaret Biddulph built Rodmarton Manon near Cirencester in the 20's, one of the last great houses of England and one of the last great shrines to the Arts and Crafts movement. They chose to live modestly in cottage-sized rooms in a wing, while the main reception rooms were turned into a sort of village college. The Architect was Ernest Barnsley. He had abandoned architectural practice in Birmingham in 1893 and, together with his brother, Sidney, and Ernest Gimson, had settled in the Cotswolds.

Item Date:  1933

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