KENNEDY (Margaret, Lady Davies, d.1967, Author of 'The Constant Nymph' and Biographer of Jane Austen)

Autograph Letter Signed to Mr Wood telling him that "the Anthologies have come and I am most delighted to have them. I am especially glad to have the two Vaughan poems - The Retreat and Childhood under my hand, as I had not got them in an accessible form before ... I enclose a little note for your daughter - assuming that she is still 'Miss Wood' and not grown up and married If I'm mistaken please tell me and I'll write to her again ..." and hoping she can visit him in Cheltenham at some time, together with an unsigned typescript titled 'To Hans Andersen' being 6 verses of 4 lines each, the first verse reads "Cries child to Poet: Since strangely here I come / Seeing earth's shadow flung on a dimming glory, / Twixt shade and light is there no word of home? / Poet to child: my story ... ", the letter 2 sides 8vo., and the poem 2 sides A4, 27 Campden Hill Square, 24th and 11th July

'The Constant Nymph' was staged in the West End in 1926.

Item Date:  1933

Stock No:  39291     


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