BARROW (Sir John, 1764-1848, Secretary of the Admiralty)

Fine Autograph Letter signed to Richard Norman "with reference to you Letter of the 5th Instant relative to your son Lieutenant Henry Alan Norman, I am commanded by my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to acquaint you that your son was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on the 3rd of September 1841 and as he has not since been appointed to any ship it is presumed he will return to England. I am further to acquaint you that the commission promoting him is with the Chief Clerk of this office and will be delivered to any person authorised to receive it on the payment of the stamp duty of 5/- ...", 2 sides folio with integral autograph address leaf with seal, Admiralty, 13th September

Item Date:  1842

Stock No:  39680     


BARROW-39680-1.jpg BARROW-39680-2.jpg

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