AIRY (Sir George Biddell, 1801-1892, Astronomer Royal 1836-1881)

Autograph Letter Signed to Dr J. H. GLADSTONE (John Hall, 1827-1902, Chemist, President of the Physical Society, collaborator with Brewster) saying that he has "doubtless heard from Admiral Hamilton that, in consequence principally of a dinner on Wednesday, he has put off the French expedition to Tuesday 19th ... I cannot arrive in Dover on Monday so soon as I could wish, for I must attend an important meeting in Piccadilly ... which will probably cause me to overshoot the 4.30 train. Meantime I go to look at Whitby ...", 2 sides 8vo., Royal Observatory, Greenwich, 12th June

Airy was famous for "weighing the earth", using variations in the pendulum at the top and bottom of a mine-shaft.

Item Date:  1860

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