REPORT OF THE FRENCH MEN OF WAR CAPTURED BY ANSON AND WARREN IN THE FIRST BATTLE OF CAPE FINISTERRE [ANSON (Baron George, 1697-1762, First Lord of the Admiralty) and Admiral Sir Peter WARREN (1703-1752, Irish Naval Officer)]

Fine Document listing the French ships that have been captured reporting that "Early this morning, Capt Dennis, of his Majesty's Ship the Confusion, arrived Express from the Admirals Anson & Warren, with Advice that on the 3rd Inst. they fell in with a French Fleet Outward Bound, and have taken the following Men of War, and Five Ships for the East Indies, with a Number of Others bound for other Ports. Capt. Granville, of the Faulkland Man of War, is Kill'd and Commodore Boscawen is wounded. Several of our Men of War were in Pursuit of about Twenty Eight Sail of Merchant Ships who had run from their Convoy ...", there is the a listing of the French Men of War, their guns and the men captured, "L'Invincible .. 74 guns ... 650 Men, Le Serieux .. 64 ... 550, Le Diamond ... La Gloire ... La Ruby ... Le Jafon .... Le Philibeus. ... Le Apollon ... La Thetis ... Le Diamond ..." coming to a total of 396 guns and 2910 Men, signed as examined by Yorke, 1 side folio, Lloyds, 16th May

Anson commanded the fleet that defeated the Marquis de la Jonquière at the First Battle of Cape Finisterre on 3rd May 1747 during the War of the Austrian Succession. His force captured the entire French squadron: four ships of the line, two frigates, and six merchantmen. The treasure amounted to £300,000 and Anson was raised to the peerage after the victory.
Warren was second in command of the British fleet on the Devonshire at the Battle of Cape Finisterre. His conduct in the battle won him much fame, a promotion to Vice-Admiral of the Red, and much prize-money.

Item Date:  1747

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