BARRIE (Sir James M., 1860-1937, Novelist & Dramatist, Writer of 'Peter Pan')

Autograph Letter Signed to the Mayor Colchester Sir William Gurney BENHAM (859-1944, Newspaper Editor, Author and 3 times Mayor of Colchester) saying that "Owing to my having been away there was a delay in my getting your most kind invitation to the Oyster Feast .. I thank you heartily and wish I could be present at such an interesting occasion ..." but he is already engaged, 1 side 8vo., 17 Stratton Street headed paper,, 6th October

The Colchester Oyster Feast is the centrepiece of the annual civic calendar in the ancient borough of Colchester. The Colne oyster fishery dates to the Roman era and was mentioned in the Domesday Book. The oysters obtained from the fishery are known as "Colchester Natives". On the last Friday in October each year, the Mayor of Colchester hosts the Feast in the Moot Hall. It attended by civic dignitaries from around the nation, and worthies from the world of arts and entertainment. The Mayor also invites Colchester citizens who are active in local charities, civic bodies, and good causes.

Item Date:  1905

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