DISRAELI (Benjamin, Earl of Beaconsfield, 1804-1881, Prime Minister & Novelist)

Autograph envelope, signed "B. Disraeli", marked "Immediate" to Sir Charles Trevelyan, 10" x 5", no place, 6th August

Sir Charles Trevelyan, 1st Baronet (1807-1886) was a Civil Servant and Colonial Administrator. On return to England from India in 1840 he was appointed as assistant secretary to HM Treasury, and served to 1859, during both the Irish famine and the Highland Potato Famine of 1846–1857 in Scotland. In Ireland, he administered famine relief, whilst in Scotland he was closely associated with the work of the Central Board for Highland Relief. His inaction and personal negative attitude towards the Irish people are widely believed to have slowed relief for the famine.

Item Date:  1852

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