CORNWALLIS (Charles, 1738-1805, K.G., surrendered at Yorktown, 1781, reforming Governor of Bengal, 1786-1793, Viceroy of Ireland, 1798-1801, from 1762 2nd Earl, from 1792 1st Marquess)

Autograph Letter Signed to Lt Col Malcolm saying that "we must ascertain the possibility of our marching before twelve o'clock, for if Capt Scott marches, we must follow. Be so kind as to send the ... to Catp Scott, and to let the Field Officer of the day know that he is to march ...", 1 side 4to., no place, 27th March

Cornwallis was knighted in 1786, and appointed to be Governor-General and commander-in-chief in India. There he enacted numerous significant reforms within the East India Company and its territories, including the Cornwallis Code, part of which implemented important land taxation reforms known as the Permanent Settlement. From 1789 to 1792 he led British and Company forces in the Third Anglo-Mysore War to defeat the Mysorean ruler Tipu Sultan.

Item Date:  1791

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