MILNER (Alfred, 1854-1925, K.G., High Commissioner for South Africa and Colonial Secretary, 1st Viscount)

Autograph letter signed to Mrs Clifford regretting the he is "out of Town ... I am particularly sorry that I cannot come to you tomorrow evening. I should greatly have enjoyed it. I don't forget that you kindly said I might come & see you & I still hope to avail myself of that permission But I have not been very well and have lived out of Town a good bit this summer ... it has quite cut me off from society ...", 3 sides 8vo, 47 Duke Street, St James's headed paper, Henley, 29th June

Milner laboured for eight years in the most delicate situations, following on from the Jameson raid, learning Dutch and Afrikaans, negotiating with Kruger over the rights of British subjects in the Transvaal, and carrying on through the South African War and the period of "reconstruction".

Item Date:  1895

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