PROCTER Anne Benson, née Skepper, 1799-1888, Writer, wife of the poet 'Barry Cornwall'

Pair of Autograph Letters Signed, the first to Mrs Merivale and the second to her husband the very Reverend Charles MERIVALE (1808-1893, Historian, from 1863 Dean of Ely) starting "This is a begging letter, and I who know by experience how kind the Dean is, spare him, and trouble you. I hear, from Mr Venables, what a charming book is to be read - the History of the Merivale Family - and I want to renew my old friendship with that family and read about their sayings & doings. Mr Venables told me that it was one of the most interesting books he had ever read. I will take tender care of the book if you will kindly lend me a copy ...", 1 side 8vo., 21st July, the second says that she has "read the book with the greatest interest, and with some self-reproach - I did not value your father as he deserved. How well I remember visiting in Woburn Place. What merry dances we used to have - I remember so well leaving one morning about two o'clock - one of the young men (sons of the house) & Sir George Rose, helping me into a Hackney Coach - and our all three tumbling down in the snow. How wise you were not to go to India - and how kind & good your father was about this ... How pleasant it would be to assemble together, the Merivales, the Denmans - and all those who remember 'those days that are no more. Time has thinned the ranks. What a splendid passage that is where your father describes Irving - How well one good man knows another ...", 2 sides 8vo., both from 19 Albert Hall Mansions, Kensington Gore, 25th July

Item Date:  1884

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