GORDON (Charles George, 1833-1885, General Gordon of Khartoum, 'Chinese Gordon')

Fine Autograph Letter signed to 'My dear Sir Charles' STANLEY (4th Viscount Monck, 1819-1894, Politician, Last Governor General of Canada) saying that he "ought to have written to you before as you are daily in my thoughts and have always been so kind. I am going to town tomorrow and to Brussels on Wednesday to wait decision of govt as to my going to Congo. I do not yet know if my resignation is accepted or not. I drifted into the Congo business & promised the King of Belgians. I hope you and Lady Stanley & your family are well ..." , 2 sides 8vo., 5 Rockstone Place, Southampton, 14th January

Gordon was summoned to the war office the day after this letter, on 15th January by Lord Wolseley to discuss sending him to Khartoum. The next morning (16th) he left for Brussels, en route for the Congo but he was immediately summoned back as the King of the Belgians, for whom he had been going to the Congo gave him permission to go to Egypt instead. On the 18th Gordon saw the British cabinet, and the same evening left with Colonel Stewart for the Soudan.
Gordon's mission was to effect the withdrawal of the garrisons and to evacuate the Soudan. At Cairo his functions were considerably extended. He was appointed, with the consent of the British government, governor-general of the Soudan, and was instructed, not only to effect the evacuation of the country, but to take steps to leave behind an organised independent government.

Item Date:  1884

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