AUGIER (Rene, c. 1640, French Agent)

Receipt signed to  Thomas FAUCONBERG  (Belasyse, 1627-1700, Supporter & son in law of Cromwell, Receiver General of the Revenue), acknowledging receipt of £100, 5" x 2¾" taken from a larger instruction to pay document, 2nd November unevenly torn on left hand edge with some loss of text

This payment followed a direction from the Committee of both Kingdoms, 26th October 1644, that Augier be employed in France and reside there at £400 per annum and one quarter's advance. (Cal. State Papers Domestic 1644-5, p. 73) by mid 1648 his salary was a year in arrears (ibid 1648-49 p. 249). This was a direction from the Parliamentary side; he had been an agent for the King earlier, back to at least 1634 (ibid 1634-35, p. 387)

Item Date:  1644

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