Fine Certificate, in Russian with translation, saying that "Under the Most August Patronage of Her Majesty the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna," wife of Nicholas II, "the Board of Trustees of the Imperial Philanthropic Society for Collecting Donations for the Education and Placing of Poor Children in Trade, hereby award Alexander Vasilievich Porogov the right to wear the Silver Medal prescribed by the Council ... as a Donor to the aforesaid Trust", signed by the President (R. Shitsisov) and Head of the Medal Department (Shcherbakov), printed in red, gold, silver and black, fine arms of the Russian Empire including the arms of Moscow on the eagle's breast and of the ancient provinces on its wings, elaborate border with shields, one bearing "full member 10th May 1893", red paper seal of the Society, chromolithographed by Stadler and Pattinot, 1 side 16" x 10½", St. Petersburg, 28th August

Item Date:  1902

Stock No:  50199      £750

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