RAVEN-HILL (Leonard, 1867-1942, 'Punch' Artist, 1896-1935, and Illustrator)

Fine pen & ink sketch of Mr Punch with a telescope looking across to the great British Empire Exhibition at Wembley, the famous towers at one end, on two facing pages from an album, signed also by E. V. Knox ('Evoe' of 'Punch'), who has written "I have been asked to make my mark In the Halsteads book at Wembley Park ... Above this interesting view", overleaf is a verse abut the Soul of Wembley, signed by Arnold White ('Vanoc' of 'The Referee'), 5th April 1924, and a fine sketch by G.H. Davis, 'The Whole World Hurrying to Wembley', with steamers and an aeroplane, "for Ivor Halstead", 4 sides 8vo., 26th March split within fold but holding

Item Date:  1924

Stock No:  50758      £250

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