PRINTER'S DEVICE BAGLIONE (Paolo II, Venetian Printer, Publisher and Bookseller)

Fine Woodcut Device of the family's 'Black Eagle', double-headed and crowned, clasping bunches of apples, with the monogram PB on its breast, 3" x 4" (7.8cm x 10cm), old pencilled note on verso with date

Next to the Giunta, the Baglione (1598-1850) were the longest lived family printing house in Italy, surviving the intense competition of the 18th century through a monopoly of the 'Red and Black', that is, service books, with print runs of 10,000. In 1610, Tommaso I printed Galileo's 'Sidereus Nuncius'. In 1717, the family were ennobled as patricians of Venice, on payment of 100,000 scudi.

Item Date:  1740

Stock No:  50827      £35

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