[GANNE (Louis, 1862-1923, Conductor of the Balls at the Paris Opéra and the Casino of Monte Carlo, Composer of the 'Marche Lorraine')]

'Marche Russe', for piano, with a half-page heading showing Nicholas II and the spires of Moscow, 4 sides including a fine trio section, followed by the 'Letter f rom Marianne to Nicholas', in French, by G. Marietti, words by Jean Meudrot, and created by Reschal 'at the annual matinée for the French Postal Service at the Ambassadeurs', showing a delighted Marianne at her desk, writing to 'mon p'tit Nicolas', telling him the whole country has gone Russian, with no anarchists, 'President Faure will smile on you with his one good eye, you'll soften his hide with a decoration or two for his wife and daughter, and if you're not sure where you're staying, pop down to the 'Quat'z Arts', being the Musical Supplement to "L'Illustration", 8 sides 12" x 8" stapled, (Paris), 3rd October

The visit of Nicholas II and Alexandra Feodorovna to Cherbourg and Paris, 5th - 8th October 1896, aroused immense enthusiasm - it is said some 4 million people were in Paris to see them. Since the understanding of 1891, to be formally confirmed in 1897 as an Alliance, France had seen Russia as almost their only ally.

Item Date:  1896

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