LAGERLÖF (Selma, 1858-1940, Swedish writer of short stories, fairy tales and romances, Nobel Prizewinner, 1909)

Autograph postcard signed, in Swedish with translation, to Miss Mizi Franzos in Vienna, saying "Of course you may have my photograph" when next she orders some, she is not writing any short stories at the moment, but promises to send some when finished, she has seen "many kind reviews in the papers" about "the Legends", though none by Langen, says "it would be gratifying if the financial returns were also satisfactory", and thanks her warmly for "the fee that has just arrived", 1 side postcard with border of posthorns and integral stamp, address on verso, Falun, Sweden, 31st October

Selma Lagerlöf grew up in remote Värmland, where tradition and folklore survived to an extent unknown elsewhere in Sweden. She shot to fame with Gösta Berlings Saga (1893) and later travelled to Italy and Palestine. The 'Legends' in the letter are her 'Kristuslegender' (1904).
Mizi (Marie) Franzos, b. 1877, 'Francis Maro', translated for the famous publisher Albert Langen (1869-1909) of Munich. He was known for fostering books on art, literature and theatre, and the weekly journal 'Simplicissimus'. The firm still exists in Leipzig.

Item Date:  1904

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