A TRANSFER TO THE SOUTH SEA COMPANY CAESAR (Charles, 1673-1741, Treasurer of the Navy, Jacobite)

Signature and inscription on verso of fragment of a Treasury Order for future repayment of money he has lent to the Exchequer, transferring £300 of it to Robert KNIGHT, with the latter's signature, 2 sides 5¼" x 2¾", receipted 29th July laid down by margin

Caesar's name in printed in the margin of the Order, as many payments of this kind were envisaged. The repayment to Caesar was to be from the "fifteenth 4s. Aid" of 1712.
Robert Knight was the cashier of the South Sea Company. In 1710, when, owing to the war with France, Exchequer payments were deeply in arrears, the company was set up by 9 Anne c. 21 to manage the National Debt and to allow creditors of the Exchequer to receive company stock as payment. When the bubble burst in 1720, Knight was among those investigated by Parliament in an attempt to recover money (see the indignant preamble to the statute 7 George I, c. 28).

Item Date:  1713

Stock No:  51661     


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