DARU (Pierre Antoine Noel Bruno, 1767-1829, Count, French Soldier and Statesman, historian, translator of Horace)

Autograph Letter Signed, in French with translation, to Monsieur Monnay, Commissary in chief of the 8th Corps, "my dear comrade", saying that "M. Villemaury had given a Commission as inspector of victuals to M. d'Aymar and one as inspector of equipment to M. de Larmière ... but they are not included in the list of nominations made by the Minister", suggesting that "you could employ them if you have need for them", and if not, to "send them straight away to the 9th Corps of Guards", 1 side 4to., Berlin, 8th November tiny defect in bottom left corner touching one letter

Written shortly after Berlin had capitulated to the French following the battle of Jena. The 8th Corps, under Mortier, and the 9th, under Jérôme Napoleon, were of recent formation, and already preparing to follow Davout east to Warsaw, in spite of the lateness of the year.
Daru was now one of Napoleon's most trusted advisers, chief commissary of the Grand Army, head of his military household, and universally admired for his probity and attention to business. He became Secretary of State in 1811, and during the retreat from Moscow his firmness and presence of mind were remarkable. Once, after three days and nights without sleep, he fell asleep while taking dictation, to find Napoleon doing the writing himself. "I do not want to kill you", said the Emperor, "Good night, M. Daru".

Item Date:  1806

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