LÉOPOLD I ANNOUNCES THE BIRTH OF HIS FIRST GRANDSON LÉOPOLD I (1790-1865, uncle of Queen Victoria, from 1831 King of the Belgians)

Finely penned Document signed, in French with translation, to the President of Peru, (Ramón Castilla, 1797-1867, President 1845-1851 & 1855-1862), announcing the birth of his first grandson Léopold, Count of Hainaut, son of the Duke and Duchess of Brabant (Léopold II and Marie Henriette, Princess of Austria), "with extreme joy, in which the whole Belgian people join ... This event so ardently desired and which is the object of such lively and general fellow feeling, is of the most serious interest for my Royal house and for the future of the nation whose destiny has been committed to me", in which he is sure the President will join, 1 side folio and conjugate blank, Brussels, 18th June

The young prince died in 1869 and Léopold II was succeeded in 1909 by his nephew Albert I.
Léopold Ferdinand Elie Victor Albert Marie, Count of Hainaut (as eldest son of the heir apparent), Duke of Brabant (as heir apparent), was born at Laeken on June 12, 1859 and died there on January 22, 1869 from pneumonia, after falling into a pond.

Item Date:  1859

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