SALTER (Lionel Paul, 1914-2000, joined the BBC in 1937, Head of Opera and Assistant Controller of Music)

Group of 15 Autograph Letter Signed and 3 Typed Letter Signed letters to the Cheltenham Gramophone Society, to whom he gave talks in 1951, 1955, 1958 and 1961, suggesting titles such as "Reviewing Records", "What is this thing called Style ?", "Domenico Scarlatti, the father of Keyboard Music", altered to "The Astonishing Case of Domenico Scarlatti" when the committee at first demurred, "I hope that your committee have not had to do too much violence to their convictions", "Opera on Television" (16mm film, with a wry answer about Government funding to the secretary's query if it was to be in colour, 17th May 1961), making arrangements, commenting on "so attentive and intelligent an audience", accepting warnings about the state of the piano, and agreeing modest fees, two later letters are of regret, 32 Woodstock Road, N.W.11, BBC Wood Lane and Great Portland Street, and 674 Finchley Road, N.W.11, 8vo and folio, 1951 - neat filing holes in blank margins

Item Date:  1971

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