Customs certificate saying that "John S. Leese for Campbell & Co hath Entered Out this day in H.M.S. Polyphemus for Madeira, Six Cases containing Seventeen thousand three hundred and twenty ounces foreign Silver Coin not molten or coined in this Kingdom per Oath Free Custom dated 25 June 1808", signed by M Williams and H Maud, with Leese's signed summary on the verso and a note of the marks on the cases (GG 1-6), vellum, 2 sides approximately 4" x 7½", Portsmouth, 25th June lacks seal and tab, small skin defect in blank portion

H.M.S. Polyphemus, 64 guns, under Captain William Pryce Cumby, 1771-1827, headed a squadron of troops and merchantmen to the West Indies, stopping at Madeira near the end of July. There he delayed a few days so that Madeira merchants could join the convoy. No doubt the silver would facilitate trade, and at 5 shillings an ounce would be worth nearly £4,500.

Item Date:  1808

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