[ARAÚJO LIMA (Pedro de, 1793-1873, Sole Regent of Brazil, 1837-1840, for Pedro II) and Bernardo PEREIRA DE VASCONCELLOS (1795-1850, Lawyer and Politician, Minister of Justice)]

Copy document, in Portuguese with translation, in the hand of and signed by Luiz JOAQUIM MARROCOS, later a royal librarian, with copy signatures of the above, saying that "the interim Regent, in the name of the Emperor Dom Pedro the Second, has though fit to revoke the appointment of Doctor Antonio Pinto Chichôrro da Gama", (1800-1887, Appeal Judge, Minister of the Supreme Court of Justice, 1860-1875), "as President of the Province of Rio de Janeiro, which was granted by Imperial Charter of 15th September last past, and which post he could not assume; and so, the antecedent Appointment of Doctor Paulino Jozé Soares de Souza ... remains in force", adding "Bernardo Pereira de Vasconcellos, Minister and Secretary of State for Judicial Affairs, presently in interim office for Imperial Affairs, is to ... order the necessary Official Communications to be executed and circulated", 1 side 11" x 7¾" and conjugate blank, Palace of Rio de Janeiro, 19th October

Feijó had fought to keep a middle course between the absolutist and radical extremes, 1835-1837, as did Araújo Lima for the next three years, till Pedro II announced that he was capable of ruling at 14 and the Regency came to an end.
Pereira de Vasconcellos was in 1828 asked to join the ministry of Pedro I, but believed as a Liberal he should remain in opposition. In 1831 he became Minister of Finance under the Regency, and Minister of Justice under Araújo Lima.

Item Date:  1837

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